Singe Cake Counters

Single Cake Counters

Cake counters are among the most important equipment of those whose commercial activity areas are the beverage/food sector. Cake cabinets provide healthy and hygienic protection of products in terms of production technology. It is an indispensable tool for restaurants, cafes, and dessert shops in the food sector. Cake counters are produced according to needs and operating capacity. Single cake counters can present the products to the buyer in the best way

PCakes are delicate products and should be kept in the high cooling areas. The most accurate system in this regard is to use a single cake counter. The cake counters are produced with special lighting technology, shelf sizes and glass slopes that support the product image. Cake counters are the best support for food production, presentation and storage needs such as bakeries, patisseries, and restaurants. After you determine your needs, your cake counters, produced with latest technology, are delivered to your address. Metropol Refrigeration Company proves its difference with its experts and years of experience.

What is the Use of Cake Counters?

The cake counter is the heart of the patisseries. Cakes, which are extremely sensitive food products, should be stored under appropriate conditions. Mini cake cabinet will be suitable if your business scale is small. It is a promotional tool that the customer will encounter first, perhaps before you. It will be the most valuable support of your commercial activities. For this reason, the selection of a single cake counter is very important. You can keep your quality safe by choosing single cake counter in suitable sizes.

Cake cabinets, which are the biggest advertising tool of cakes, will both reflect your visual elegance and provide an economic rise. From the moment the cakes are produced, their form and content must be preserved. The most secure way to do this against seasonal conditions is to use a mini cake cabinet. Proper conditions extend the life of the cakes that are stored in the cake counter from the moment of production. The most accurate address where you can get the single cake counters that can preserve your cakes is

Important Steps for Selecting Cake Counter

There are some points to consider before buying a cake cabinet. During the establishment of a patisserie, the first place to assemble must be the single cake. The temperature ratio of the cake cabinet should be +4°. The cakes can be safely stored at +4° throughout the usage period. Things to consider when choosing a single cake counter:

  • -Are the production technology and engine power enough?
  • -Are the sizes suitable for your area?
  • -Are the shelves high-quality and durable glass in terms of hygiene?
  • -Is the lightning enough?
  • -Is the LED feature, outer coating, and height suitable for visual elegance?
  • -While your need is front & single cake counter, are you purchasing island type?
  • -Is the visual elegance of the cabinet glasses suitable for the best presentation of cakes?

These steps need to be followed carefully.

You can enjoy your choice of cake counter for many years if you considering all the details while purchasing. Mini cake cabinet is among the special need products. Mini cake cabinet is produced in accordance with the needs of small businesses. is the right address where you can find answers to all your questions on this subject.

Cost of Cake Counters

The single cake counters are the most important equipment needed by businesses that produce and sell cakes, such as patisseries and bakeries. Milk desserts, cakes and desserts with syrup must be displayed in the cake counters. You can keep your cakes as fresh as the first day by keeping them at +4°. Metropol Refrigeration proves its difference in the sector with the production of a single cake counters.

We follow the products from illumination to angle adjustment of curved glasses, installation maintenance and repair. Metropol Refrigeration, whose work does not end only with sales, will always be with you with periodic maintenance and service when necessary. The company, which has gained customer satisfaction thanks to its single cake counters, continues its way by improving its production technology. You can get installation, maintenance, and service by specifying your needs from the 24/7 open internet access area. Your cake counter orders are delivered to your address perfectly and on time.


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