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Technical Service and Maintenance Service of Baked Products, Bread, Patisserie and Beverage Counters

Our knowledgeable and experienced team of qualified personnel provides general service, maintenance and repair services on bakery and beverage counters regardless of brand and company. We convey the best service in the right conditions by fulfilling the requirements of the sector.

Our company has been among the leading names in the sector for many years. We offer montage services for bakery, baklava, patisserie, and single cake counters. From the products to the services, we offer first class workmanship.

We are here for the counter creation needs of large/small scale businesses in Turkey. Periodic maintenance services are carried out on bakery product counters, industrial coolers, and other cooling products. As Metropol Refrigeration we carry out our work by considering the principle of customer satisfaction and sensitive working principle.

Technical Service and Maintenance Service

Businesses that use counters sometimes need technical service. Businesses and large/small scale shops and/or workplaces serving markets, butchers, cosmetics, and clothing stores need to create different counters. When it is necessary to categorize products for workplaces, counter, cabinet, and rayon etc. systems are needed. It is possible that these systems may lose their functionality because of aging or wearing out over time. At such times, it is seen that workplaces need technical service. We offer a technical service, which is very comprehensive, for you. The damage detection and repair process are initiated so that we do not experience the same problems continuously.

You need to make sure that you get the right service when you need repairs or periodic maintenance. It is very important that the company you work with offers you the best service in this context. Our team has a wide range of technical service, from repair to maintenance, from assembly works to product service. We offer the most accurate solutions to our customers who want to benefit from our service, in line with professional principles.

Repair Service

Technical service needs in the counters are usually on systems that are aging in long-term use. Or it is on the counters that are exposed to the outside effects and damaged as a result. In such situations, repair service is needed. Rayon systems are suitable for long-term use for all kinds of businesses thanks to the material used in production. However, continuous maintenance is a very important detail in this regard. It is seen that the counters that are frequently maintained have a longer life than other counters and require less repair service.

Sales Service

Our company also offers its services for bread and dairy counters. We carry out the material supply works, and technical service works of the important parts in the systems. In maintenance work, it is determined which parts the counters need to be replaced. It is important to offer a comprehensive sales service including important materials and necessary parts.

Montage Service

Montage service is needed for newly opened or about to move businesses or workplaces that are subject to a counter change. Our company's technical service continues to carry out assembly-disassembly. We carry out our work in line with your ideas for your workplace, and we deal with the montage processes within this scope.

Metropol Refrigeration provides montage service for dairy, pastry, bread counters and some industrial cooling systems. We provide services throughout Turkey for assembly-disassembly regardless of brands and standards.

Support and Consultancy Service

Our company also offers support and consultancy services. You can find answers to your technical service-based needs and the solutions you need accordingly, with the help of our consultant team. Our support and communication line are active 24/7 for our customers that want to work with us. You can also contact us and get comprehensive information on other topics that you are curious about.


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