Patisserie Counters

Information About Patisserie Counters

Patisserie cabinets can be defined as a product used within the patisserie counters. The patisserie counter, which has many types, can consist of various cabinets.

What are Patisserie Counters?

The cabinets that are named as patisserie cabinets are where the products are located and displayed in restaurants, cafes, dessert shops or similar businesses. Pastry counters in patisseries are products that are covered with glass material. There are some features in these cabinets. The products must be kept at room temperature and must provide certain properties, so the products do not deteriorate. The reason why patisserie cabinets are the most used areas is because they are used for preventing melting or deterioration of chocolate or similar products. Metropol Refrigeration is known as a company that provides the service of many cabinet types.

What is the Use of Patisserie Counters?

Pastry (buns, patties etc.) stalls are also included in the patisserie counters. These cabinets are designed as heated, as the opposite of cake cabinets. Although products such as bun and bagel are generally presented in heated cabinets, some businesses use unheated options. It is known that cake and bread cabinets are used by bakers. Front patisserie counters are produced together with the enterprise windshield. This is the reason why its name comes from the front. It can also be called a corner patisserie counter. Front patisserie counters are mostly used for pastry products such as dry cakes, cookies, and baklava. Products such as chocolate cake or wet cake may experience deterioration or deformation in the summer months. The adjustment of the cabinets in the desired dimensions is determined in accordance with the business and the company.

What are the Types of Patisserie Counters?

Generally, it is manufactured at least 1 meter in size and above. Mini sized patisserie cabinets are more commonly used by small businesses. If desired, L shaped cabinets can be produced with custom production for the patisserie counters. If it is deemed appropriate and suitable conditions are provided, oval shape production can also be provided. Patisserie cabinets’ degrees can be adjusted. Temperatures of 4 or more are considered ideal for the product. It is possible to change these degrees according to the seasons and changes in the weather. It is necessary to cover the counters when there is sun. The names of patisserie cabinets are defined by many other names. These names are footed, curved, tall, boutique, pastry, cafe, with or without glass, eclairs, rotating, square, wooden, large, upright, rectangular cake cabinets.

Information About Patisserie Counter’s Cost

In terms of price, pricing is made according to the patisserie counter’s size or smallness, level of cooling, and purpose of use. Also, rental cabinets are available for special occasions. It is much more affordable than buying. The features and potential of the counters should be considered before purchasing. Patisserie cabinets are made according to the usage area. First, the project should be made according to the place the cabinets will be used. And then the cabinets are prepared after the materials are supplied.

What are the Usage Areas of Patisserie Counters?

Patisserie cabinets are used in cafes, patisseries and bakeries that produce bakery products. The most important features of the cabinets are that they can be designed as cooler, heater, or showcase. In this way, while foods such as cakes are preserved for a long time, they are kept cold. Foods such as buns and patties should be hot. For this reason, hot cabinets are used, and freshness is preserved.

The high-function patisserie counters have a nice and attractive design. Because there are the sections that are kept in different degrees, it must be obtained from reliable companies. As a result of wrong design and use of bad materials, it will not show sufficient and desired performance, and it may also cause energy consumption. Metropol Refrigeration is known as a company that uses these features on the spot and produces quality works.


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